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las vegas shooting incites love

Las Vegas Shooting Makes Us Pause

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Greetings, friends. This is PJ Ferguson, creator of web.ninja. Today is National “Celebrate Non-Violence Day.” In that spirit I had a message prepared to share in celebration of non-violence, peace and goodwill. In light of this morning’s events and the Las Vegas shooting, it doesn’t seem appropriate to celebrate.

Las Vegas Shooting

This morning at a music concert hundreds of people were gunned down by a single gunman. Monday morning. Supposed to start the grind, right? When tragedies like this happen I find it difficult to work. And I think that’s a totally appropriate response to sad events like this. We should stop what we’re doing and take notice. Seems like a lot of tragedies have been going on. Hurricanes, tropical storms, earthquakes, tsunami, forest fires, killing many thousands of people an devastating the lives of those who still live.

Seems like there is a lot of pausing to notice the tragedies, lately. To some it feels like madness is taking over the world and sadness is settling into our hearts.

We Are Las Vegas

I chose the handle “we are web ninja” for Web Ninja’s social handle because that statement “We Are” binds us together in all that goes on in this world. We are in this together. We don’t design websites and marketing campaigns, we design human experiences.

And so, for this moment today we pause again today, to grieve for those who have been lost in today’s events, mourn with those who lost loved ones, and to commiserate with those who were hurt or frightened. We send you love, support and strength to get through the days and weeks to come.

Soon, when we are done mourning, the sun will rise in our souls and we will feel the warmth of light and joy again. We will celebrate again. We will celebrate the fond memories of those we loved. We will celebrate the day we have to make the world a better place, to spread peace and love in the hopes that we can change the world and prevent violence like we saw today.

That’s all I have for today. If you are sad or heartbroken today, we are with you. Let the sadness flow its course. Remember that you are not alone. This too shall pass, and when that sun rises, let us all rise with it.

Love & Deepest Condolences,


Photo credit: James Walsh