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My name is PJ Ferguson, I’m the Master-in-Chief and creator of Web Ninja. Personally, I’m an author, musician, and nature lover. Professionally, I’m a serial entrepreneur, Happiness Coach and, well, Web Ninja! I started this business because

  • I’m truly passionate about helping people lead happy, successful lives, and
  • I believe in the immense power of the web

I’ve been coding for over 15 years and owned my own web business for 10. Over the years I have had the joy of helping many amazing people with their personal and professional projects. I’ve learned philosophies and systems for creating successful projects and campaigns.

Web Ninja is all about helping awesome people do awesome things!

The Spirit of Web Ninja is to revolutionize the face of online services. It’s not just about websites and marketing anymore. It’s about building a community that is changing the world for good. It’s about empowering people to grow personally, as well as professionally.

It may sound sappy, but the world needs people who are kicking butt in a positive way. So that’s what we’re doing — together.

You… Me… We Are Web Ninja!
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