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Work smarter, not harder!
~ Scrooge McDuck

We like to work smarter AND harder. Our Business Intelligence services help you:
get more bang for your buck, raise the bar, AND reach the stars.


Success starts with smart planning!


We help you clarify your company’s Vision and,

Meet market demand*
Reach your objectives sooner
Mobilize your Team
Blaze new trails


Choosing the right strategies helps you

Solidify existing income streams
Generate NEW streams of income
Grow your customer base
Create powerful solutions


With informed goals you can

 Grow your business
Create happy customers
Expand your impact
Kick butt!!

free gift

Limited-Time Offer

Get your Business Plan/Web Plan on the right track!

FREE GIFT. To help you plan for SUCCESS, we will:

  1. Review your business plan,
  2. Make recommendations, and
  3. Give you a 45-minute consultation

Let’s make your Plan rock ‘n roll!

    Request a Free Consultation

    Attach your business plan here (.pdf, .doc or .docx only)

    Schedule a Consultation


    Meetings are by phone or video conference and are generally 45 to 60 minutes.

    First we work together to clarify your vision, outline your objectives, choose the right strategies, and set effective goals.

    We can also help you build your web plan, marketing plan, create a powerful social plan, product and service offerings, clarify your target audience, and other important stages of business strategizing.

    The number and frequency of meetings depends on your needs. We recommend 6 to 12 weekly meetings to get started. After that many clients meet with us monthly for accountability and to course-correct.

      Request a Free Consultation

      Attach your business plan here (.pdf, .doc or .docx only)

      search engine optimization

      Do you know?…

      How much traffic is your site getting?
      Is it more than last month? Last year?
      Where did the traffic come from?
      Which pages are performing well?
      What search terms are people using to find you?

      Our WEB ANALYTICS services will EMPOWER you with the knowledge you need to succeed!


      Easy-to-read reports provide vital business intelligence quickly and powerfully.

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      Need to know how your campaigns are doing? We design custom reports that keep you informed and up-to-date.

      Learn more


      We set up Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools on you site and use it to deliver ongoing, valuable data.

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      $ 45

      Per Report
      • SEO Add-on: $15
      • (4 reports / year*)

      MonthlyBest Value

      $ 20

      Per Report
      • SEO Add-on: $10
      • (12 reports / year*)

      One Time

      $ 75

      Upon Request
      • SEO Add-on $15
      • (Upon Request)

        Request Web Analytics Reports

        What’s in each report?

        * Paid annually. Add $9 per report if paid month-to-month.
        Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools setup not included. See Support Services below.


        Need to know information specific to your business or industry? Wondering what data might help you take your business to the next level? Knowing specifics about age, gender, location, technology and visitor behavior makes sure visitors find what they’re looking for.

        What data will help your business grow?
        We can create custom reports to show you specific sets of statistical information. With the right information you can:

        • Increase sales by targeting the right audiences
        • Improve ROI with laser-focused
        • Create new income streams, products, & services
        • Find NEW audiences and sales channels

        Let’s chat!
        Tell us about your business objectives, projects and goals. We’ll help you find the information you need to know.

          Request a Free Consultation

          Attach your business plan here (.pdf, .doc or .docx only)

          Let’s Chat About Your Project


          Google Analytics is the top tracking software in the industry. We’ll set it up so you can start gathering vital statistics for your website.
          Webmaster Tools pairs with Google Analytics to bring you even more vital information dealing with SEO and site performance.
          Consistent monitoring of broken links and SEO performance keeps your site running smoothly and increases organic traffic. Ask us about our suite of maintenance services.

            Request a Free Consultation

            Attach your business plan here (.pdf, .doc or .docx only)