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New Web Design: The3rdAct.com

By Portfolio Websites

We were happy to help these clients redesign their website. Not only because they have been wonderful clients for years, but because they offer some really awesome services that we were happy to help bring to the world. Introducing:

The 3rd Act




Visit the new site

What did we do?

Visuals. The first thing people see when they hit a website should be powerful and send a strong message. You can see in the ‘Before’ image above, the previous third act website hit visitors with words. The new design includes a graphic that sends a powerful message of freedom in your later years — something we all hope to have.

Fresh-up. Other obvious upgrades were to the colors and additional white space (more on white space below). The lighter blue color made the site more inviting and a comfortable place for visitors to hang out. The additional white space made the site easier to read and navigate.

Responsive Design. The old and new sites were built on WordPress, but the previous theme was designed before the mobile revolution. The new theme is Responsive and mobile-friendly.

Visitor Pathways. The previous design had succumbed to what we call “cramming” — trying to fit as much information into as small a space as possible. This just makes a website cluttered and confusing. Honestly, when I see a site like that I click the Back button immediately. By implementing Visitor Pathways, we guide people to the services that matter to them most. This creates a better User Experience (“UX”) and increases the likelihood that visitors will connect with our client.

We also help The3rdAct.com with other services like website hosting, domain registration, digital marketing, business coaching and more. See how you can benefit from our range of services with our Dynamic Plan. They have been wonderful to work with over the years, and we hope to keep helping them grow and help many more people for a long time.