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Website Redesign: Eliz Jewelry

By Portfolio Websites

This project pulled from nearly every bit of expertise we possess here at Web.Ninja. We developed this concept with the owner, Liz Obritsch, from bottom to top. We are proud of what we created as a team, and the end result was just gorgeous — just like Liz’s jewelry. Introducing:

Elíz Jewelry




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What did we do?…


We spent painstaking hours and hours of brand development, brainstorming and market research to settle on a name that would convey the elegance and meaning that goes into Liz’s custom jewelry. Then we matched the name to fonts that matched that elegance and quality. We even developed the tagline to express the spirit of Elíz and make her customers feel beautiful.


We built the custom website on WordPress and implemented WooCommerce so Liz could accept orders online. Her dream is to travel the world finding inspiration for new jewelry pieces, while still being able to conduct business. With an ecommerce website built on WordPress and WooCommerce, that is possible.

Piece Photography.

We are lucky to have an in-house photographer who takes gorgeous pictures of Liz’s jewelry. Presentation is a vital part of making a sale online. Since visitors can’t try on pieces, they need the best visual experience possible from the website.

Marketing Setup.

Liz needed social networks to start sharing her work with. We created Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts for her. We also created a MailChimp email list so she can start growing her email list and marketing to her fans directly.

Other Services.

We are proud website hosts, domain registrar, and website maintenance for Liz. View our services to see how we can help you dazzle your visitors and grow your business!