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Celebrate Freedom: Freedom for All

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By now you’re probably thinking we like to celebrate, here at Web.Ninja. Well, you’re right. We work hard and we play hard. Life is short so we are making the most of it. Life is also precious, that is why today and tomorrow we celebrate freedom — freedom for all.

I was curious about the symbology and history of the Statue of Liberty so did some research (always good to keep learning new things). We all know the French gifted the Statue of Liberty as a symbol of the French-U.S. alliance during theĀ American Revolution. What I didn’t know was how deep the meaning went for the French.

France, at the time, was going through their own revolution, the rise of the Enlightenment — a movement that sought life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. However, at the time, “liberty” suggested violent revolution. The architects of Lady Liberty believed that peace and freedom could be attained without the use of violence. The Statue of Liberty was named Liberty Enlightening the World and was designed to “be above conservatism and liberalism and above radical revolutions and political turmoil.”

Now THIS was a revolutionary idea. It STILL is. Now, war only happens because people pick up guns or bombs or other means of violence. But, that doesn’t create peace, or freedom for all. Freedom and peace happen when we all choose NOT to use violence. It is a stretch, and it is a dream, but that is why we celebrate freedom. If we all celebrate freedom each and every day, we will count our blessings. We will see the good in others. We will see others’ suffering and lend a helping hand. We will listen more than we speak, and when we speak we will use words of kindness, compassion, and goodwill.

So, today, let us all celebrate freedom by creating peace and freedom for all. The power is in our hands.

Peace to you. Peace to all.

Photo credit: Daryan Shamkhali
Quote credit: National Park Service