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Why a one page website is all you need!

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You may have been seeing more one page websites out there as you browse the web. As web designers go, there are schools of thought that hate single page websites. Some schools of thoughts love them. One page websites were sort of thrust upon the world before technology was really ready to support them, so we here at Web Ninja can see both sides of the argument.

So, now that web and mobile technology has kind of finished its “Responsive puberty”, we kind of love one page websites. In fact, a single page website is all you really need to launch your business or brand. At least to start.


NAVIGATION. User-friendly navigation is one of the most important aspects of a website. If visitors can’t find the information they need — instantly — you are likely to lose valuable visitor traffic. A one page layout keeps navigation simple. A visitor need only scroll up or down to find the information they need.

LASER-FOCUSED CONTENT. If you’re going the route of a one-paged website, you don’t have infinite room to work with. Yes, your page could scroll on and on forever, but no one in their right mind would do that. Having space-constraints makes you laser-focus and power-pack your content. Get to the good stuff, then move on. Visitors love it because they’re scanning your content anyway, rather than stop to read every word. Higher-quality content is more likely to convert.

RESPONSIVE DESIGN. It’s official — most web surfers are surfing on mobile devices. Responsive design is essential for you to succeed online. One page website templates do a fantastic job of making your site look great on whatever device it’s being viewed on, AND make it easy. Bear in mind, most of our clients’ purchasers buy on laptop and desktop computers so again — responsive design isĀ essential for you to succeed online.

CALL-TO-ACTION MAGIC. A strong Call-To-Action (CTA) is where the magic happens on your site. Ideal prospects have one question on their mind, “What do I do next?” A strong CTA tells them and invites them to connect with you. Now, remember, your visitors are scrolling. This gives you opportunity after opportunity to post multiple Calls-To-Action or your clients. As they scroll they are prompted again and again to take the action you want them to.

EASY ON THE BUDGET. No explanation needed here. Save some of that shoestring budget for other important parts of your business. Your website can adapt and grow with your business. Grow and develop your website as you have the budget for it. Invest your money wisely.

QUICK TURNAROUND. A one page website can literally be created in a day. Of course, it normally takes a little longer than that but most of that is decision work on your end: What content to write? Colors? Basic layout? Imagery? You have some decisions to make and some homework to do. But isn’t it nice that once you have your ducks in a row you can get a beautiful website fast and budget-friendly?


These are just a few of the major benefits of single page websites. If you need to get your business online fast and have a modest budget, start with a one page website. We have a great services package you and your customers will love. Chat with us, ask us your questions. Let’s get your site launched so you can go kick butt!

Photo credit: Carl Heyerdahl. Thanks, Carl!