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how to stop unwanted emails

How to stop unwanted emails after domain registration

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We get this question a lot:

“I just registered my domain, now I’m getting tons of email spam and phone calls! How do I make it stop????????”

Many people who register a new domain want to know how to stop unwanted emails and phone calls. Even if they never had a problem with other domains, they might be getting targeted by email spam the very next day after registering a new domain. So here’s the skinny — why you might be getting new spam emails and how to stop unwanted emails.

The bad news

ICANN regulations require that your contact information be both correct AND displayed to the public. If you have business contact info you don’t mind being public, and a good spam filter, you might not mind this. However, if you have to use personal information or can’t handle the hassle of email spam, this is bad news. I disagree with the regulation of publicly displaying private information to the world, but that part is out of my hands.

The ugly news

Not only may you get bombarded by spam, it is also a major concern for identity theft. In this day and age, identity theft is a major problem. Just ask anyone who has ever had their identity stolen. It becomes a lifelong battle for many.

The good news

You are allowed to use ICANN-approved proxies or intermediaries who verify your contact information then display their own contact info for the domain rather than yours. If you want to know how to stop unwanted emails, this is the best way to go. I mean, you could go get a special email and phone number dedicated simply to registering your domains, but that is neither cost nor time effective.

How to stop unwanted emails

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