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Website Redesign: Teeny Tiny Toy Store

By Portfolio Websites

This project is easily one of the funnest we’ve ever done. Teeny Tiny Toy Store is the creation of artist Mark Logan in Bisbee, AZ. Bisbee is a charming little town and the perfect place for these cute and cuddly little creatures to be born. This project also used a broad spectrum of our services so it was a wonderful adventure. Introducing:

Teeny Tiny Toy Store




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What did we do?…

Logo Design.

The logo needed to be freshened up for several reason, including the ability to translate it to many different kinds of media. Mark wanted to keep an elegant design while making it more modern and media-friendly.

Content Development.

Coming up with your own content can be tough! Mark is an artist, so he just wanted to focus on creating his work. We interviewed him and used his responses to craft meaningful content for the site. Great content tells a story and creates a relationship of trust with your visitors.

Custom Design.

We came up with a custom design for this new website, and translated it onto WordPress. The resulting site is easier to navigate and Responsive (mobile-friendly).


Mark’s primary goal was to have a website where he could highlight and sell his own stuff. Previously, he was selling on Etsy, but with his own site he has complete control over his visitors’ experience. In the near future we will be working closely with Mark to create an online world for his creations. This is only possible with his own website.


Believe it or not, Mark photographs his own products and does a pretty great job! We added our own graphics genius and fixed up a bunch of photos to get them looking sharp and professional — ready for people to fall in love with.

Other Services.

We are working with Mark on multiple other levels, including: Marketing Messages (we came up with “Cuddly Creations for your Heart and Home”), Business Coaching (especially relating to products, sales channels and creating multiple streams of income), Website Hosting, and more.

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