We were happy to help Kay Packard, owner of the American Academy of Hand Analysis, do a website redesign. Kay has been a wonderful client of ours for years, and we feel privileged to be part of her Web Team. Introducing:

American Academy of Hand Analysis




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What did we do?

In this case, Kay wanted to do most of the heavy lifting. She found a new WordPress theme she liked and asked for our help with some of the planning and more technical aspects. For business owners on a budget, this is a great way to go!


Kay created some wonderful products to sell on her site. We set up WooCommerce for her as well as some pilot products. From there she was able to copy our work and add more products herself.

WordPress Help.

There were several things the new theme wouldn’t do, so we added some customizations. The new theme also had some quirks to it which were not super user-friendly, so we gave Kay some WordPress help and she was off and running again!

Marketing Messages.

Marketing Messages are important for letting visitors know

  • they are in the right place,
  • you understand their problem,
  • and most importantly — you have the solution!

By helping Kay craft some powerful marketing messages, she was able to create a beautiful slideshow that welcomes new visitors and captures their interest.


Other Services.

We provide website hosting, domain registration, and business coaching services as needed to help Kay grow her business and help more people. View our Dynamic Plan and other services to see how we can help you and YOUR business kick butt!

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