In May of 2016, President Obama declared June 2016 as “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month.” Along with that he stated, “I call upon the people of the United States to eliminate prejudice everywhere it exists, and to celebrate the great diversity of the American people.”

So, we’re picking up that flag again this June and declaring, as President Obama stated, that “love is love and that no person should be judged by anything but the content of their character.”

Here at Web Ninja, we celebrate life. Life provides an endless rainbow of diversity. And while some see differences as threatening, we view differences as enriching, inspiring, enlightening, and a wonderful way to experience all the wonderfulness this life has to offer.

Celebrating Pride is about celebrating life and celebrating diversity. It’s about seeing the good in everyone. Pride isn’t just for the LGBT community. It is for everyone. So find a local Pride festival and hold those rainbow flags high. The bright colors of the rainbow represent you. And me. And all of us, and all our bright, beautiful differences.

Celebrate Diversity. Celebrate Life. Make the most of the time you have. Give love, love, love.

See you at the festivities!

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