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Website & marketing packages
specially designed to get you up and running
quickly & affordably.

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We’ve streamlined this product and process to give you an awesome website in 5 basic¬†steps and a convenient price

web design packages

Get a professional, modern website:

  • Mobile responsive
  • Editable content
  • Social-ready
  • SEO-ready
  • …and more!

Our materials will guide you conveniently from start to finish, guiding you through the process of finding photos and creating content for your website. This package gives you:

  • Your logo
  • Up to two photos
  • Built on WordPress
  • Top-industry theme
  • One (1)¬†email address (me@mywebsite.com)

  • Up to 5 pages
  • A blog*
  • A contact page with contact form*
  • Top-industry¬†content editing plugin
  • Additional plugins for spam protection, social sharing, SEO rating¬†and more

Need more? See our Add-on’s below.

Have questions? See the FAQ’s below.

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    Website Add-on’s

    Content Creation

    Need help writing content for your site? A Specialist will develop content that complements your business and captivates visitors.

    Additional pages

    Need more web pages for your site? No problem! For a small, per-page fee, you can add all the content you need without breaking the bank.

    Business Cards

    Business cards make the perfect addition to your website. Get a custom design you can use for in-person networking — immediately!

    Outlook Setup, etc.

    In many cases we can help you set up your email client like Gmail, Outlook, or Thunderbird. Start sending branded emails, today.

    Additional Emails

    For a small fee, we can create additional emails like orders@mywebsite.com, info@mywebsite.com, whatever you like!

    Additional integrations

    Want to integrate your site with with your email list, a CRM or some other business function? We can help!


    Plan on blogging? We can make sure your posts are automatically posted to social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

    Et cetera, et cetera…

    What do you need? We can do it. Talk with us about your business and website needs. We’ll offer solutions!


    Once your website is up you need to establish your online presence and drive traffic to it.

    A website is just the beginning of your wonderful adventure on the web. Once your site is up you need to cast your net wide. Be where your potential customers can find you and get more information about your business.

    With this package we’ll create:

    • Branded business card design
    • A Facebook account with banner
    • A Twitter account with banner
    • A Google Maps account
    • A Yelp account
    • A Facebook ad campaign

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        Website FAQ’s

        How long does a Quick-Launch Website take?
        The Quick-Launch Package is for company’s who are ready to go. We can build your site in two weeks or less. The rest depends on how long it takes you to create and provide us with the content for the site. The $995 price is only guaranteed for 30-days. After 30-days we charge $100 per month plus our regular hourly rate for the services required to complete the project.

        Do you help create the content for the site?
        Our content creation services are available as an Add-on service, and are not included in the base Quick-Launch price. Contact us for a quote.

        What will my site look like?
        We use some basic templates that simplify the design process while still making your site look great. Contact us for examples.

        How does the process work?
        Once you initiate services and make payment, our Quick-Launch Guide will take you through the process from start to finish. Secure your domain, get hosting, create content, review your site, then Launch! And, we’re here every step of the way, so get started today!

        What kind of content is on my blog?
        Whatever content you create! The blog is a blank slate ready for you to start blasting your message of awesomeness to the world.

        Do I get a Contact page?
        Yes! A contact page can be one of your 5 pages. We put a contact form so your visitors can contact you right from your website. Messages sent from your site go straight to you at your email address.

        Who owns the theme license and Visual Composer license?
        Web Ninja owns the licenses for Salient and WP Bakery Visual Composer. This is so we can provide update services conveniently and low-cost. If you choose to update your site yourself, we can provide you with upgraded theme files for a fee, or you can purchase your own licenses.

        Do you register my domain and host my website?
        We can! These fees are not included in the Quick-Launch Package except during special promotions. View our packing and pricing to find the right package for you. Otherwise, we recommend hosting with SiteGround.

        How do I set up my new email?
        We will send you POP3/IMAP/SMTP credentials to set up your email client like Outlook, Thunderbird, or Gmail. We can help you set up your email as an add-on to your Quick-Launch Package. Ask us for a quote on additional cost.

        Where do my photos come from?
        Our Quick-Launch Guide will refer you to some quality sources. You find the photos, or for an additional add-on we can help you find some great photos. We will purchase the photos you choose — up to $20. You may also purchase photos to send us for the site.

        Do I get a blog?
        You can use one of your 5 pages as a blog page. If you need a blog and more pages for content, you can use our ‘Additional Pages’ add-on.

        Do you provide training?
        We do! Training is not included in the Quick-Launch Package price. One-on-one training is available at our regular hourly rate. WordPress comes with a learning curve, so what most clients do is tour their Dashboard, write down their questions, then schedule a training session with us so we can answer their questions.

        What if I start getting spam from my contact form?
        We can implement several measures to help reduce spam from your site. Ask us for a quote.

        Do you set up Akismet for me?
        We cannot create an Akismet account for you, but if you provide us with an API we can install that free of charge.


        How many Facebook ads are included?
        We create four to six ads for your using one set of content and multiple photos. Only ad-creation is included in the package. You can then devote as much or as little budget to displaying the ads live as you like. Your ad budget can be edited at any time and is between you and Facebook only — NOT Web Ninja.

        What if i already have one of these accounts?
        Already have a Facebook, Yelp or other account in the Package? We will spruce it up for you. Many changes can be made to freshen up existing accounts and revitalize its effectiveness. Or, we can create a separate estimate for just the services you would like.

        Do you create the content for me?
        No. You provide us with the content we need. From there, we craft your content into marketing messages and market-ready format. If you require content-generation services, we are happy to provide a quote.

        How many business cards do I get?
        We create the design for you. From there you can print as many as you like. Don’t have a printer? We’ll recommend some we love.